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In all your getting, get understanding. -Proverbs 4:7

Now enrolling: People lovers. Wisdom seekers. Difference makers. Kindness infusers. Answer givers. World changers.


What's The Crossing College all about? Hear about it from the perspective of:

  • Pastor Eric Pastor Eric A word from Pastor Eric.
  • Sandra: The Normal Person Sandra: The Normal Person
  • Kevin: The Career Man Kevin: The Career Man
  • Robin: The Ministry-Minded Robin: The Ministry-Minded
  • Nick: The Collage-Ager Nick: The College-Ager


We, as a church, WE are one body with many parts! We have each been divinely designed to advance God's Kingdom on earth. God has had a plan for your life since before the creation of the world to play a role in this body! We know the potential in the body of Christ to be world changers. We want you to see it too - and then exceed it!  That's why The Crossing Church has launched The Crossing College.

The Crossing College is designed to equip you with everything you need for carrying out your calling, no matter what your calling is. We believe Jesus’ truth and the wisdom from the Bible can benefit every person’s life, from those interested in pursuing a career in ministry to those that just want to understand the Bible better for personal study. Our mission is to equip God’s people with His wisdom for life, to know how to read, understand and apply the Bible, and to live life to the fullest with Jesus.

Who’s The Crossing College for?
1. The College-Ager - So you've just graduated (or you're somewhere around there) and you're not sure which direction life is going. Get a serious grasp on your faith and life-changing leadership training to propel you into your next endeavor!

2. The Ministry-Minded - You know God's called you to serve in full/part-time ministry. You just need the Biblical knowledge and leadership skills to launch you into your calling. Get all of that plus hands-on, behind-the-scenes experience and a great reference!

3. The Career Wo/Man - You've got a full time gig and enjoy it/know you're called to it/it pays the bills, but learning more about your faith and getting practical leadership training will help you excel in your faith journey and career. Learn from the greatest leader of all time, Jesus, and set yourself up for personal and professional growth!

4. The Normal Person - You simply want to understand your faith better. You want to know what and why you believe. You want to be able to answer your friends' questions. You want to be effective in leading your family and friends to Jesus. Do your faith on purpose and experience God-sized growth in all aspects of your life!

Read more about our four core areas of study and application.