Why we exist

In John 10:10, Jesus says that He came so that you could have a full and abundant life! When you follow Jesus, you begin to thrive in wherever God has called you. 

This is why The Crossing College exists: To provide an opportunity for you to invest deeply in your relationship with Jesus by learning about the Bible and growing in your faith so that you begin to thrive in the calling He's placed on your life. During this investment, our structure encourages you to remain a committed and engaged member of your home church while balancing the priorities you already have - caring for families, working full-time, or saving for a four-year university. 

Our programs are affordable and time-efficient, designed to fit around your needs. Most importantly, all of the coursework is created to be applicable to your life NOW - so that you can immediately put into practice what you are learning by sharing the love of Jesus with a broken world. 


What Makes Us Different

  • Experience-Focused Learning

    The book of James tells us that our faith should be accompanied by action. At The Crossing College, we value experience over traditional education because we've seen the transformational growth that happens when we act in faith. All that we teach equips you to seek Jesus on your own while putting your gifts into practice!  

    This means that most of your learning will happen outside of class: at church, where you are a loved member of the Body of Christ; through your internship, when you use your gifts to bring hope to hurting people; in day-to-day life, where you share what you are learning with family and friends; and, most importantly, in your daily quiet time with God. 

    Through our classes, we hope to give you the tools and foundational knowledge necessary to take radical steps of faith while spreading the love and hope of Jesus to everyone around you.

  • Internships

    As a student at The Crossing College, you have a unique opportunity to implement what you are learning in your coursework as an intern at your home church. Internships are an integral part of your experience at The Crossing College, and are also a great way to boost your resume! Through an Internship, you will gain hands-on knowledge from real-life situations while changing lives as part of a community team.

    Internship Possibilities:

    • Pastoral Ministries: Spiritual Care, Discipleship, Recovery, Instruction
    • Kids & Student Ministries
    • Hospitality: Cafe, Shop, Food Service/Prep, Guest Service
    • Security and First Response Teams
    • Production: Video, Audio, Lights, Stage, Tech
    • Band: Music Performance & Producing
    • Creative: Graphic Arts, Interior Design, Event Planning
    • Marketing: Advertising, Social Media, Content Writing
    • Office: Administration, Accounting, Communications
    • Facilities: Building and Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping, Custodial, Construction
  • Cohorts

    When you join The Crossing College, you will be prayerful placed into a Cohort Group of 6-8 fellow students. You will attend classes with all students, but you will also meet at a smaller level with this Cohort Group for prayer, studying, and fellowship.

    Each group is led by a Cohort Coach. These Coaches are College alumni who volunteer to help encourage, mentor, and even tutor students as they go through the College. As alumni, they have faced the challenges within the College and so they are able to help you from personal experience.

    Investing in your faith always requires challenge and sacrifice, but Cohort Groups offer a unique and authentic support system to help you thrive while you pursue your calling.