Let the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill your lives. 

Teach and counsel each other with all the wisdom he gives. 

Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts. 

Colossians 3:16


To equip mature Christian leaders with the skills to launch, lead,  and grow a worship ministry.


There are many ways to worship God, but the most common form of worship in today’s Church is through music. Whether you feel called to lead a worship ministry, start a band that reaches out to people in need of grace, or serve as a musician at your home church, this program is designed for you. You will develop the knowledge and practical skills needed to lead others in worship of our Savior while putting these skills immediately into practice through a unique, individualized internship.

A maturing relationship with Jesus and a solid base of leadership skills are vital for success as a leader of a ministry. Because of this, the Associates program (ACLM) is required for admission into the Certificate programs. 

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Lead a band rehearsal with grace and authority and perform with that band to meet the vision and standards set by the lead Worship Pastor

  • Evaluate the needs and values of a specific community’s culture and adjust their ministry to attract and engage that culture

  • Plan a worship set according to the desired “feel” and the sermon topic

  • Manage a team of volunteer musicians, including investing individually in every musician, designing a healthy group schedule, creating a functional schedule, and enforcing expectations

  • Create a production sheet that includes second-by-second details of sound, lighting, and video instructions, including effectively-designed transitions

  • Demonstrate competency in setting up quality lighting and sound systems

  • Write, produce, and perform a congregational worship song based on Scripture

  • Demonstrate the ability to pray biblically and confidently with individuals and before a crowd

  • Demonstrate the ability raise the energy of a crowd through musical performance techniques

Program Components

The Certificate programs consist of 90 credits: the 60-credit Associates in Church leadership and Ministry degree, plus 30 credits: six 5-week courses, a 2-credit Team Leader Internship, an 8-credit Apprenticeship, and a 2-credit Internship Capstone. The internships for the CWM program will be completed in a worship ministry area. Students in the Certificate programs have class one night per week for fall term (Aug – Dec) and complete internship courses via online during Spring and Winter terms. Must be started at the beginning of the academic year. 


Minimum age for CWM is 18 years at time of application. Completed ACLM degree or equivalent is prerequisite. At least six months of experience in musical performance Completed online application, including character reference and pastoral reference. Completed background check. Interview with College Director and Worship Pastor (as requested). Demonstrated competency in at least one instrument (auditions may be required).


Click on the area of study to see details about each course. 

Associates in Church Leadership and Ministry (60 credits)

Leadership and Ministry Training (3 credits)

LMT 501 – Gospel and Culture

Personal and Spiritual Formation (6 credits)

PSF 521 – Ministry Communications 1: Nonverbal, Public Speaking

PSF 522 – Ministry Communications 2: Small Group, Interpersonal

Ministry Skill Development (9 credits)

MSD 510 – Music Theory & Worship Performance

MSD 511 – Worship Band & Team Building

MSD 520 – Creative Worship Techniques

Internship (12 credits)

INT 211 – Advancing Team Leader: Fall Term

INT 302 – Apprenticeship: Winter Term

INT 303 – Apprenticeship: Spring Term

INT 313 – Ministry Internship Capstone