Personal  & SPIRITUAL Formation (PSF)


Foundational to the Christian life is the ability to seek God on your own – to “feed yourself”. You will learn how to grow spiritually through the habit of spiritual disciplines such as tithing, praying, fasting, and studying your Bible. Your relationship with God will grow to a new level as you learn to rest in His grace in every area of your life.

PSF 311 | LIFE AS MINISTRY (4 credits)

In this course you will take a look at the life of full-time ministry as well as living a life of ministry in a secular occupation. The Bible is full of lessons on personal stewardship and in this course you will be studying Godly stewardship of time, family and relationships with the opposite sex, as well as how to honor God with your finances through wise management.

PSF 411 | YOUR COURSE FOR LIFE (2 credits)

This course is a unique integration of the powerful Arno Profile – an analysis of your unique, God-made temperament – and an adapted version of the time-tested Twelve Steps, along with application of Scriptures into both. The purpose of this course is help you discover the calling God has for your life by looking at your life experiences, spiritual gifts, passions, and temperament– so that your life can thrive.