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In all your getting, get understanding. -Proverbs 4:7



Compliance with State Requirements

• The Crossing College meets Minnesota state requirements for religious exemption pursuant to Minnesota Statute 141.37 EXEMPTION; RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS as verified by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE). MOHE has determined that The Crossing College qualifies for religious exempt status from the Degree Authorization Act for the following programs: Diploma in Biblical Studies and Associates Degree in Church Leadership and Ministry. The MOHE ensures that private institutions of postsecondary education are conducted lawfully. The Crossing College satisfies all of the applicable MOHE requirements.


• A college is accredited when it has been investigated and meets criteria by an accrediting agency. Some accrediting agencies are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, but other accrediting agencies are not recognized. Since not all accreditation is equal, accreditation alone does not determine whether or not a school is legitimate or credible. In addition, schools located outside of the U.S. may be accredited by standards that differ from those of U.S. agencies.
• The Crossing College is not currently seeking accreditation for two main reasons. First, it is our desire to have local pastors and church leaders teaching our courses. While these pastors and leaders are gifted and offer a rich background of leadership experience, some of them do not have Master's Degrees (as required by accrediting agencies). Second, we desire to keep our tuition costs affordable, allowing more students to access our program and helping our students eliminate school debt. Accreditation by a recognized agency would make it difficult for us to meet these goals. Instead, we have chosen to remain unaccredited, yet choose to demonstrate our credibility through compliance of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and through the evidence of leadership and ministry of those who have attended.