At The Crossing College, 

we help Jesus-followers be disciples and make disciples. 

Our church's mission is to help as many people as they can

cross the line of faith and follow Jesus. 

We support this mission by equipping believers to take the next steps in their faith as they jump-start a lifelong journey of discipleship. In a community-based atmosphere, students learn foundational Christian theology, develop their gifts, get equipped for engaging in faith, and discover the ministry God designed them to live out.

The Crossing College is a ministry owned and operated by Free Grace United.  

In August of 2019, The Crossing College will change its name to reflect our church's recent pivot.


The staff and faculty at The Crossing College are passionate about helping people follow Jesus, wherever they are in their spiritual journey. Each faculty member contributes to course curriculum and instruction according to his or her spiritual gifts, experience, and education.  

  • Karli Phelps

    - Director -

  • PastorS Eric & KELLY Dykstra

    - Senior Pastors/Faculty -

  • Dr. Ron Keller, Ph.D

    - Faculty -

  • Kevin Kuhne

    - Faculty -

  • Amy Kingore

    - Financial AdminISTRATOR -

  • Michelle Kelley

    - Administrative Assistant -


The Crossing College is legally recognized by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education as a degree-granting institution that is operated and supported by a church as described in Statute 136A.657. Our programs are primarily intended to provide students who desire to learn the basic doctrine and principles of the Christian faith with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct their lives in consonance with the faith expressed at our church and/or to prepare students to become lay-ministers of the Christian faith within their social spheres. Because we meet these criteria, our programs are exempt from accreditation requirements in the state of Minnesota. 

In order to maintain the freedom of selecting the most qualified instructors for our courses while keeping our tuition costs as low as possible, we are not pursuing accreditation at this time. Despite this status, we have always observed strict standards of excellence and integrity within our academics, policies and procedures. Ultimately, we believe that the spiritual results, personal growth, and character development in each of our students serve as adequate verification for the quality of our programs.