Bible school for everyday life

A local, church-based college focused on Bible training, leadership development, and personal growth. Grow with other believers and learn to live out your faith.

The first Jesus-followers were normal people just like you. 

Men. Women.

Business owners. Families. Dropouts. Nerds. Social activists. 

All were different, but all had one thing in common:

They chose to follow Jesus and their lives were never the same.

At The Crossing College, we are passionate about helping normal, everyday Jesus-followers

(not just ones called to ministry!)

be disciples and make disciples.

Get your Bible questions answered. Grow closer to Jesus. Connect with other believers. Become confident in your faith.



What Students Are Saying

"The Crossing College has been the single best investment in time and money I have made in a long time. Words cannot describe how my faith has grown, matured, and deepened."  

Chad H. | Class of 2016

"It's amazing how much you grow spiritually in such a short time. It opens up your life and heart and gives you a healthy relationship with God. He speaks, you listen. I speak and He listens! I learned more about who God really is and His heart."  

Josh D. | Class of 2016

"My favorite part of The Crossing College was learning more in-depth Old Testament history. I grew up hearing God was angry, but now I see how God's love and grace runs through the whole Bible."  

Brian S. | Class of 2018

"Before going to The Crossing College, much of the Bible was a mystery to me. Not only did I graduate with a MUCH better understanding of my Bible, I graduated with a better understanding of my God."  

Ben S. | Class of 2014

"The Crossing College helped me have a better understanding of the WHOLE story of God and His people - from beginning to end. Seeing how I fit in to His plan from the beginning has given me clarity about my purpose."  

Tracy K. | Class of 2016

"The Crossing College was used by the Holy Spirit to awaken my soul and has equipped and encouraged me to pursue Jesus and the destiny He has for me."  

Seth R. | Class of 2015

Choose your program


    1 YEAR | 30 CREDITS

    Spend a year growing closer to Jesus alongside fellow believers. While learning basic theology and biblical principles, you'll receive guidance, mentorship, and encouragement in your individual faith walk.

  • Spend two years anchoring your beliefs and character in God's Word. Earn your Diploma in Biblical Studies the first year, and spend the second year developing your leadership capabilities and enriching your life with godly principles from Scripture. 


    1 YEAR | 60 CREDITS

    Earn an Associates in Christian Leadership and Ministry in an accelerated one-year program. Immerse yourself in your faith while immediately applying all you learn to your home, work, and ministry.