We design our courses to bring you to the next level, no matter where you are in your faith journey.

Our coursework is simple and easy to fit in to your life. Our goal is that what you learn on Monday nights will impact you the rest of the week! 

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  • Google and Wikipedia are wonderful supplemental tools in today’s culture, but they do not take the place of actually knowing the Bible and knowing why you believe. Through these courses, you will learn the major themes and events of the Bible, discover how to apply the principles of the Bible to your life, and understand why you believe what you believe to empower you to effectively share your faith.

  • Jesus was the greatest leader of all time, so His followers should be the best reflection of that leadership! Leadership is influence, which is something we ALL have. In these courses, you'll learn godly leadership principles that will enable you to lead in any area of your life or in whatever career you pursue. You'll learn how to lead a group to fulfill a vision - whether that group is your family, your business, your team, or your church.

  • God uniquely designed each of us to follow Him and help others follow Him. No two people are wired with the same spiritual gifts, interests, or abilities. In these courses, you will discover how to operate out of your strengths. You will also build a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus as you learn to live life with Him and become like Him.

  • Head knowledge can only go so far; the litmus test is whether it proves valuable in a real-life setting. We believe the local church is the only hope in all the world, and serving there is our best opportunity to impact the most lives. Through an internship at your home church, you'll have the opportunity to put the knowledge, skills, and leadership training you’re learning into practice. You'll get to see lives changed because of how God is transforming and using you!