Personal  & SPIRITUAL Formation

discover all God made you to be and do


Spiritual growth is far more than simply reading a verse on the Bible app, listening to sermons, and shooting up the Lord's Prayer once in a while. All of those things are wonderful tools - but the Christian life is about a vibrant relationship with your Creator! In this class toward the end of the school year, you'll begin to embrace your life as a disciple as you learn to simply be WITH Jesus.

PSF 311 | LIFE AS MINISTRY (4 credits)

Your "ministry" is NOT just what you do at church; it's living like Jesus in every area of your life - and courageously giving Him the credit. This class is part two of Spiritual Formation, where you'll learn how to live LIKE Jesus and live your whole life as a ministry to Him and His people.

PSF 411 | YOUR COURSE FOR LIFE (2 credits)

This course is a unique integration of the powerful Arno Profile – an analysis of your unique, God-made temperament – and an adapted version of the time-tested Twelve Steps, along with application of Scriptures into both. The purpose of this course is help you discover the calling God has for your life by looking at your life experiences, spiritual gifts, passions, and temperament– so that your life can thrive.

Your Course for Life is taught by Dr. Ron Keller, of Ron Keller and Associates. Additional Course Fees are required upon admission.